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The idea of the Celtic Social Club was germinated in February 2012 when Manu Masko and Jean-Pierre Riou From the Breton band Red Cardell moved to New York City to mix an album with producer-mixer Ariel Borujow and when they watched with him during a break, a live video of the Fest-Rock (show of Bagad Kemper and Red Cardell) . Ariel Borujow, interested, shares his discovery with Frequency, Eminem and Snoop Dogg producer.


The group then forms very quickly. Around the three musicians of Red Cardell (Jean-Pierre Riou, Manu Masko and Mathieu Péquériau) are added Jimme O'Neill singer and Irish-Scottish guitarist, leader of The Silencers and Ronan Le Bars virtuoso of Uilleann Pipes and fellow violinist Peter Stephan. Bassist Richard Puaud, longtime companion of Manu Masko, complete the team.


The desire to share this project with guests, friends artists with Celtic roots and from various musical horizons, pushes the meeting with the Jamaican Winston McAnuff (Scottish origin), the New Yorker rapper IC Will (Irish origin), the indie-folk singers Colline Hill (Breton resident first in Ireland and then in Belgium), Louise Ebrel, one of the great voices of kan ha diskan and gwerz (daughter of Eugenie one of Goadec Sisters, the famous traditional Breton singers) and Steven Bodénès the penn-soner (conductor) of Bagad Kemper, The Quimper pipe band..


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