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David Braid and Liu Yan Na  (Canada/China)

David Braid: Piano  
Liu Yan Na: Guzheng

David Braid, recently hailed as Jazz Pianist of the Year in Canada, the Juno-award winning David Braid is among a new generation of Canadian artists making his mark on international stages. Braid has performed across Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, Brazil, the United States and Canada.
Combining the harmonic intricacies of European classical music and the spontaneity of American jazz plus his tone, touch, chord voicings and imagination. Braid's original music engages audiences with a quiet, thoughtful and lyrical ‘voice’ that doesn’t quite fit any musical genre. His work has been described as "refreshingly uncategorizable", "wide-ranging & exploratory", "une force poétique" and "elegant".  His recently released album, Verge, is a good example of his melody, harmony and rhythm.
In addition to performing and composing, Braid is on the faculty of the University of Toronto and is an honorary guest professor at Xinghai Conservatory.

Liu Yan na found her interest in music at an early age and soon developed a taste for classical and ethnic music. After graduating from the GuangZhou, Xinghai conservatory of music, majoring in the 'Zheng' this remarkable lady went on to win the special award from the Hong Kong International Youth Arts Festival, among others. Besides collaborating with various kinds of groups as a soloist, she is also an active educator, teaching in Zhuhai and it’s surrounding regions.


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