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Current location:BEISHAN MUSIC FESTIVAL > 2017 JAZZ FESTIVAL > LINE-UP > Universal Sky feat. Damien Prud' homme(France, Germany)

The universe has no boundaries, no limitations. We all live under the same sky, and we are connected through so many things, one of them being music. Music brings people together, people from all over the world, whatever language they may speak, through music, everyone can communicate with each other. “Universal Sky” is a French-Germany mix. This project is all about eliminating boundaries and using music to share emotions. The four members of this band are all enjoying successful careers performing as leaders and sidemen of a variety of projects, and they hereby bring together a vast pool of experience and talent on a single stage.

Soloist, composer, art director, Damien Prud’homme has several keys to his tenor to make you broxse every musical sensation. The artist from Lorraine builds up experiences with for only priorities the love of acoustic sound and creativity ranging for.


For any inquires please call 186 6698 3616 or email 471841842@qq.com