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Starting from the musical concept of integrate the ancestral with the contemporary, Tonolec began towards 2001 its way of investigation on the culture of the ancestral people (Qom), of Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.


Charo and Diego participated in their singing and dancing rounds and learned through oral tradition old songs that later recomposed with electronic rhythems in their first disc called TONOLEC (2005).


Tonolec is originally a duo: Charo Bogarin (vocals) and Diego Perez (multi-instrumentalist). whom for more than a decade, fused together the native Guarani ethnic songs of tufa (Qom) and mbya with electronic music.


In their music, is highlighted the spirit of indigenous peoples and the musical identity of their country, being considered the new trend of Argentine folklore.


In Tonolec proposal the ancenstral join with the contemporary in a fair and harmonious way and they have played during the last 15 years in octet and trio formations in the best stages of Argentina and the whole world.



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