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YeHongGang Tribal music group (China)

Yehonggang - Vocal, acoustic guitars, Xu, Chines flute
Fanfeng - harmony, bass
A-Fai - Chines flute, Er-hu
Xiao dao - Guest drummer

YeHongGang is an independent musician from Guangxi, Luzhou, he is an expert in the acoustic guitar, Xun, flute and other Chinese and Western instruments. In 2009, he and a school (Tieli School) published their first edition work called 'JiangJinJiu' and is seen in the Southern music scene as a music virtuoso.
His personal compositions have preserved the rich Guangxi style while evidently containing all the myriad root-elements of Southern music.
His style encompasses the flavours of the mountain-tribes of Gaungxi, mother-tongue songs and other newly portrayed pieces。
His vocal style and use of ethnic instruments is their main selling point while their live appearances are highly emotive and infectious.


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